Tips for your Holidays

What you can do

To Make Your Holidays Greener

Looking to embrace a sustainable yachting lifestyle?

Some of it doesn’t take much effort and it’s definitely doable, it only takes small changes.

Go Along With Nature


Protect the skin and the ocean. Sunscreen, which contain oxybenzone and octinoxate are toxic to the symbiotic algae that live within corals. Read the small print on the back of the bottle.

Toxic chemicals are also found in some types of personal care products from shampoo and conditioner to body lotion and make-up. They can also pose a great risk to the marine life.


We can all help preserve nature by being mindful of the wildlife and nature.

Buy local, buy quality, buy experiences

Buying local means that carbon emissions will be reduced. It supports the local people and the community and you put the money toward sustainable trade.

Local food, local art and local spas create great memories.

Bring a reusable bag

Pack a reusable bag for your shopping trips. Doing so will likely minimise the need for plastic bags.

Future is bright

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